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Thank you for choosing to fulfill your annual HAZWOPER Supervisor Refresher training needs.

Your required curriculum will be as follows.

Brief HAZWOPER Overview
Personnel Responsible for Safety and Health
Introduction to Site Hazards
Respiratory Protection
Personal Protective Equipment
Work Practices that Minimize Risk
Engineering Controls and Equipment Use
Medical Surveillance
Emergency Response
Confined Spaces
Spill Containment

Customize your course

You are now required to select a number of the following “Elective Modules” (hazard topics) to complete your curriculum above. A total of 10 credits must be completed. Most topics provide 1 credit but some of the more difficult modules will provide 2 credits rather than 1. Please select any of the following (Brief descriptions of each can be found by clicking on the selection):

Hazards Associated with Abandoned Buildings (1 Credit) General Chemical Hazards at Environmental Sites (2 Credits)
Biological Hazards (2 Credits) Cold Exposure (1 Credit)
Electrical Hazards (2 Credits) Explosion and Fire (2 Credits)
Heat Stress (1 Credit) Ionizing Radiation (2 Credits)
Noise and Hearing Conservation (1 Credit) Oxygen Deficiency (1 Credit)
Safety Hazards (1 Credit) Hazards at Landfill Sites (1 Credit)
Hazards of Environmental Drilling (2 Credits) Hazards of UST Removal (1 Credit)
Use of Instrumentation (1 Credit) Work Over Water (1 Credit)
Chemical Exposure (1 Credit) Negative Pressure Enclosures (1 Credit)
HAZWOPER Work in Public Environments (2 Credits)